What’s New and Upcoming With Microsoft Teams

Teams is officially the fastest selling product in Micosoft’s history. It’s deployed around the world in companies of all sizes, from large, global organizations to small, local businesses. Companies use it for voice, video and chat messaging, as a collaboration platform, a document repository and more.
Microsoft has been aggressive about updating the product frequently over the past year, releasing updated features and improved functionality on a consistent basis. But what’s coming down the pike? What are some recently introduced features you might not even be aware of? How are companies optimizing their use of this platform even more?
Join us as Mike McNett from Centric Consulting shares his insights. Mike is an Office 365 Architect who works directly with companies across the country with their Teams deployment and optimization.

Craig is the President of the Akron AITP Chapter. He is the principal consultant and Database Administrator with Purnell Dataworks LLC.

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