Program Survey Results

Last month, we posted our Annual Survey over on SurveyMonkey. Thanks to everyone who responded. We really value the results and try hard to build our yearly program based on the feedback.  This year we had 46 responses which is very good. There was a great slew of topics to choose from.

The results heavily favored Tech Trends in 2021 and Cyber Security Updates, which we tend to do every year. Another topic that you want to see is Career Development and Professional Networking – which we intend to include this year.

Regarding the time of day, many of the responses indicated they would like to move the time to 6PM, which we will be doing for this year.

A last question, “We’re hoping to get back to in-person events in 2021, when do you think you’d be willing to meet up again next year?” – many responses were divided between June , September and “Not Before Q4”. The Board has taken a wait and see attitude to this. We do not anticipate meeting in person before September at this time.

Thanks to everyone who responded! We are really excited about the Program for 2021.

Brad Nellis is the Program Chair for the Akron Chapter of AITP, and a Market Development Executive for Centric Consulting.

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